Use Broken Concrete for Sidewalk

We had some old pieces of painted concrete that I saved from our basement demolition.  So, I asked my block layer if he could help me use them to make a sidewalk for our courtyard.  He said, "Sure!", and away we went.


I laid out the pieces to kind of get a feel for where I wanted the sidewalk to go.  Then, I cut a board to be used as a guide so we could keep the width consistent.


I went in front of him with a weed whacker to make the ground was as bare as possible.  


Then, I shovel out a gradual slop till I got to where the steps would go.


We laid the pieces out on top of a thick bed of brick S type mortar I purchased at Lowes.  It has more strength than regular mortar mix.  I broke some of the concrete pieces into smaller pieces to fit.


Then, he went over all the cracks with mortar and I smoothed them out.


We decided to stop here to allow for three steps.  I originally thought we could just bring it down to a slop all the way, but decided that the grade would be way too steep.

I went looking for steps to put here but they were going to be way to expensive, so I went to Lowe's and found some of the pavers we used to top off the flower beds.  After I was all loaded up and going home I thought I would take a spin over to Home Emporium to see what they had. Whoa, I found these solid cement blocks that were just the right color to use for the steps for only $2.00 each.  I went back to Lowe's and got a refund and came back to pick up my bargain blocks.

I chiseled the edges using a hammer to make them look more rustic.

My block layer cut the blocks to make them fit perfectly.  

I couldn't believe it.  We needed three 12" deep x 5" high pieces because we had a 15" drop that extended out 36" and these were just right!

Here's a picture of it a few years after it was done. Some of the paint has worn off which just makes it look more like stone.  They have held up very well!  


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