Brown Bag Walls

Created on Thursday, 15 November 2007 14:31
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Brown bagging is so easy to do, and this application can cover a multitude of sins on your walls.

You can even apply torn paper over ugly wallpaper, paneling, textured walls, cedar beams, furniture, fixtures, and even concrete block!  And, you can even use it to patch a hole in the wall, as long as nothing will be anchored to it.  It gives its own unique look and is much cheaper and easier to apply than wallpaper.  You can also use other papers, such as tissue paper.  If you wad up the paper and apply glazes to it, you can get a leather faux finished look.  Scroll to the bottom to see more example pictures.
















I used a Red Rosin Paper instead of the brown paper here in an office.  It was applied over ugly dated wallpaper.  I wad the paper up to make this crinkled textured look, and then applied a couple of glazes over it.  The possibilities are endless; just use your own imagination!  Scroll down below to see more pictures.

Here's how to brown bag walls, and the supplies you will need to buy:


Here's what brown bag walls look like when using Tufco Technologies Brown Builder Paper from Home Depot.  This paper wasn't waded up, so it has a smooth finish (no wrinkles).  As I mentioned before, you can use glazes to get different effects.  No glazes were applied to this's just the brown paper you see.

Here I'm applying red rosin paper to the walls at the Schoolhouse General Store in Camp Dennison, OH.  I wad the paper to get the wrinkled faux leather effect, but I didn't apply any glaze to it. 

There were several blemished spots on the wall that needed to be repaired like this one.

However, the paper covered it up and you can't even tell where they were.  If you have blemishes that are sticking out like this, you need to use the wrinkled leather effect, by wading up the paper first.

Hope you have a very happy brown bagging, tissue paper, red rosin, or whatever, paper day.  Let me know how it all turns out.

There are other high end, hand painted, torn wallpapers that you can buy.  However, these are not for people on a budget.  I just installed it in a really tiny powder room, and the paper alone cost $600.00, and cost the homeowner another $250.00 to install.  But, if you do have it in your budget, it is an awesome one-of-a-kind designer look.  My customer was very happy!

If you are installing this high-end designer torn paper, make sure you read the directions carefully.  This paper is usually painted on small strips of paper and then sandwiched between non-stick papers to ship.  There is an art to putting it on the wall.  However, if you are a diehard do-it-yourselfer, and insist on tackling this project yourself, the best advice I can give you is to make sure you tear sections randomly from all the pieces of paper, so you get a random look on the wall.

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