How to Build a Privacy Fence

I designed and built these privacy fences and door gates in my backyard...with a little help from my wonderful husband.  I didn't know how to build a privacy fence but kept looking at how the store bought ones were made and decided I would give it a try.  It turned out way cooler than I expected.  What a difference they make!  We absolutely love our back yard now.  We feel like we have a new room addition...and what a cathedral ceiling!

This is what we used to look at before the privacy fence was built.  I can't imagine not having it now.


This is what our neighbors could see before. 

Here's what they see now.

Here's the back side of the right privacy fence.

Here's how I built my wood privacy fence:

I used 94 - 1" x 4" pine boards and stained them, front and back, and used new and some old salvaged 2" x 4" boards to make the framing.
I dug the holes with a shovel by hand.  The holes had to be big enough to hold up the tall posts that would be surrounded by concrete.  It had to be strong to hold up all the weight of the fence, and gate doors.  I mixed and poured 42 - 80-pound bags of cement and set the 8 -12 foot 4 x 4 posts all by myself, while my husband was at work. 

I couldn't even lift the bags.  I pulled them out of the back of my SUV, one by one, right into the wheelbarrow.  Then I broke open the bag enough to dump out the cement mixture, so I could then pour the water in and mix it right in the wheelbarrow, and dump it into the holes.










My husband showed me how to make the arches, because they all needed to be even at the top and bottom of the arches, and were all different widths.  He also helped me assemble and hang the huge heavy garden gate doors.
This beautiful leaded glass window is a yard sale treasure that I found for only $7.00.  I later painted it brown to match the fencing.

This is what it looked like after I framed it out and set the antique window in place. 

I screwed the vertical pine boards in after the framing was hung.  I assembled the other panels for the left side of the patio on the ground and then attached them to the side frames because it was much easier to do it that way.

It looks beautiful at night with the candle lights glowing.

My husband, Greg, couldn't believe it!  I said, "Why?  Didn't you think a woman could do this?  I told him to "Get in the kitchen and bake me a pie, man!”  We often kid around about our reversed roles.  I love to do this kind of stuff and he has other just works out for us as a couple. I thank God that He gave us each other!

I love my new patio!

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