Angel Pattern

Created on Thursday, 14 March 2019 01:24
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Written by Mary K Hansen
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How to Make a Wallpaper Angel


Materials you will need:

*Some wallpaper stores will give you their outdated wallpaper books.  Some have little fabric samples that coordinate with the wallpaper.  Or, you can just use fabric you have on hand. 

  1. Glue your wallpaper pieces back-to-back using Tacky glue.  You can purchase Tacky glue at most craft stores.  This will make your angel more rigid and also show the pattern on both sides, especially on the wings where both sides will be most visible.
  1. Print out the pattern I’ve given you on heavy card-stock, or just print it out on regular paper and trace the pattern on a piece of cardboard and use that for your pattern. 
  1. Using a pencil, trace out the pattern on the glued pieces of wallpaper, and then cut out the pieces. 
  1. Take the large body piece and make a cone shape and glue the ends together with a glue gun.  Then do the same with both arm pieces.   It’s best to do this while the glued pieces are not completely dried, so they will bend easily and not leave ridges.   Make sure the pencil marked sides are on the inside of the body and arms.  Try to cut off all the pencil marks from the wings since the back of the wings will be visible.   
  1. Using a glue gun, glue a wood ball to the top for the head.  If your ball has a hole you can just glue it on the tip of the cone, but if it is completely round, you will need to cut off about a ½ inch tip of the top of the angel’s body and bend it in slightly, so there will be a surface for the round head to rest on when it’s glued on. 
  1. Then, using a black ballpoint pen, draw a face on the ball.  Notice on the ball how the wood grain goes.  Position the face to look best with the grain.  The angel’s body seam should be in the back, so make sure the face is lined up opposite from the back side seam.
  1. Then glue the arms to the angel’s body, turning the glued edges inward so they don’t show. 
  1. Then glue the wings to the back of the angel over the seam where you glued the body together (this will cover up the seam).    
  1. If you want to make an apron front (optional), just cut a piece of fabric, bunch it up on one end and glue it under the angels chin.  Most wallpaper books already have fabric that has been cut with picking shears, so it makes a pretty apron. 
  1. Then finish off your angel with a pretty wired ribbon, or any kind of thin ribbon.

Hope you enjoy your beautiful wallpaper angel…please E-mail me and let me know how it turns out and also send a picture via E-mail, if you can.