How to make Wallpaper Angels

Years ago, a friend of mine invited ladies from our church to make crafts.  One week she taught us how to make these adorable wallpaper angels from old wallpaper scraps.  I've since taught the craft of how to make these adorable angels to many other the gift goes on...thanks Chrissy!

After learning how easy these were to make,  I asked some local wallpaper stores if I could have their discontinued books, and one "angel" of a lady gave me tons of them.

I made this cute angel out of old wallpaper.  I glued her on top of a wood piece attached to a dowel rod on this paper towel holder that I purchased from a yard sale.


Here's a close-up picture of her.





















Here are some adorable angels a couple of talented girls I know made in my craft room.  I made the paper towel holders and glued their angels to the top.  These holders could also be used to store extra rolls of toilet paper.

Naomi pictured at the left was visiting from Romania and her friend Katelyn pictured on the right goes to our church. 

Naomi's parents are directors of a handicap ministry in Romania.  This wonderful ministry was founded by Chris and Jerry Skinner who attend my church.  They started this ministry several years ago because handicapped children and their families have a really hard time getting help.  They are shunned by the general public and are left to defend for themselves.

Here's another wallpaper angel I made.  We call her Beulah.  She is a tree topper for our grapevine Christmas tree. 

These adorable angels make great gifts throughout the year.  They also make a great craft to do as a group. 

Here's a group of adorable wallpaper angels that some sweet girls from my church made.  I love seeing what other creative ideas my craft friends come up with.  It definitely represents how different we all are and how each person has their own God given creativity.

Here's one I made for our Christmas grapevine tree.


This breast cancer angel was made by Joanne S. She requested a copy of the pattern on-line.

She writes, "Thank you so much. I am the captain of a walking group called 'The Pink Angels'. Check us out at We just reached our $1 million dollars in fundraising after 5 years as a team. Thank you so much. Joanne"

Thank you Joanne and The Pink Angels for all you do for breast cancer awareness and research!

To receive your free wallpaper angel pattern contact me here and let me know. I will forward the pattern as an attachment via e-mail asap. 

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