How to Crackle Paint Furniture

I crackle painted this piece of furniture I salvaged from someone who wanted to get rid of it.  I used this same technique and color of paint I used for some kitchen cabinets I crackle painted.


I sealed this dresser with oil-based polyurethane, instead of the water-based polyurethane I used on the kitchen cabinets.


This bedroom dresser was given to me.  It was very dated looking.  The piece of wood I'm holding up against the door is one of two pieces I removed from the doors fronts.  I busted them out from the back and used a router to notch out a groove to bring the backer boards up closer to the front, and caulked them before I applied the crackle finish.

The previous dresser knobs made this piece of furniture look very dated, because they were looped, so I took two knobs off the matching end table, which they also had given me, and put them on the doors instead.  I simply filled in the holes, where the original knobs had been, and pre-drilled new holes up near the top. 

I crackle painted the end table, and put the dresser knobs on it, and sold it in my shop at the Schoolhouse General Store. 

This really updated this piece in a strange way; I made an ugly dated piece look even more dated, and I love the way it turned out.  It looks fabulous in our bedroom.

Click here for detailed instructions to learn how to crackle paint...happy crackelling!  This is one time you're allowed to "crack up"!

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