Old World Courtyard Charm

Welcome to our courtyard.  It's approximately 600 square feet of peaceful bliss.

I always loved the look and privacy of courtyards, especially the ones with old world charm, but I didn't think building one would fit into our budget.  But, after 4 years of looking out from our back yard and seeing houses in every direction, I started out on a quest to find the cheapest possible route to build one.

This is what our view was like when looking out from our "fish-bowl" back yard before our courtyard was built.  Because of this, we seldom sat out there because we felt like we were on display. 

I positioned our patio furniture within the space to get a feel of it while designing the layout.  To read a more detailed journal of the process, click here.


This is what we used to see when pulling into our driveway...ugh!  


Now, this what it looks like.  "Oh, is this really my house, or am I dreaming?"

Notice the green and white patio furniture?   It's the old pool patio furniture we moved with us when we sold our house.  I didn't want to get rid of it because it was really well built.   It's the same brown patio set you see in our new courtyard.  I used Rustoleum Universal brand paint made for plastic and now it looks like a new set. 

This is the view our neighbors used to see.

This what they see now...ah, privacy at last!

Now we practically live in our courtyard.  It is just a beautiful relaxing space to dwell in.  We love having parties out here. 

I designed the right side with a turret to match the front of our house that also has a turret.  I will be adding brick lining the top portion as I did on the inside of the courtyard (shown above).  This caps the wall off nicely and ties it in from the house brick to the brick columns. 

The fireplace is huge and really gets blazing hot. We live in Cincinnati, Ohio and our winters can get pretty cold around here. 

Here you can see I hung a big mirror on the house side of the courtyard.  I use mirrors a lot.  It is a great way to add a more spacious feel and reflects the fireplace when people are looking the other direction.

I really had fun decorating the mantel and putting up a Christmas tree.  I was surprised the wind didn't knock or blow anything down.  I also secured the tree with some logs to hold it down. 

I also made a wood u-shaped form to mount the greenery using with wire and then attached all the lights and decorations on the greenery. 

But in January we had a warm spell and were able to enjoy the courtyard with some friends.

To read about the step-by-step process of building our courtyard, click here.

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