How to Build a Barn Door

I made this sliding barn door for our toilet closet in our guest suite.  I used pine boards, wood glue, and short drywall screws.  

I love the way it turned out.  I was going to fill in all the screw recesses but decided I liked the old world charm it added.  


Since we didn't have anywhere to hang towels, I attached 4 towel hangers, so now it serves two purposes.  



I installed this gate hook I found at Lowes to lock it from the inside.  


Then I added thin molding strips to cover up cracks from some uneven boards.  I bought the cheaper pine boards so they weren't exactly straight, but I really liked this because it gives the barn door more character.  The molding strips also give you something to hold on to while sliding the door open and shut.  Otherwise, I would have installed a recessed pull.  

Below is what it looked like before I stained it red.  I made this on my kitchen floor.  I laid all the boards down and glued and screwed them together.  I used wider boards at the top and bottom.  It was so easy!  I looked everywhere to find an old door I could use but couldn't find one that would fit the space.  I looked online and they were so expensive so I decided to make one myself.

I wanted to match the stain to the bedspread.  I had 3 different colors of reds and applied them one at a time while wetting my brush.  Then I applied a clear sealer over the entire barn door.


Hope you enjoyed my little red barn door story.  Btw, I built this entire bathroom/guest suite myself minus the electric and plumbing.

Below is a before picture.  I removed this stud wall and built a new wall under the support beam.


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