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Here are some of my inspirational ideas and "how to" projects:

I'm posting additional projects on a regular basis.   Most of my web pages will show pictures of projects I've done, and detailed instructions of how I did it.  If you have any questions about a certain project(s) you see, please don't hesitate to contact me.

As you will find, most of the things I use to decorate and make cool things with, are from garage and yard sale finds.  It really isn't just luck.  Anyone can find great values; it just takes a little time and patience. 

Taking your time is the key when you shop at bargain places.  If you just quickly scan over everything it'll all look like junk and you'll miss the true treasures.  It's like mining for valuable gems...you have to dig deep and sift through a lot of worthless rock to find a few precious stones.

Have you heard about my award-winning BladeEater® holster invention?   It has been tested by the Handyman Club of America and won it's Seal of Approval, and was featured in the Handyman Magazine.  

The BladeEater® makes it easy to snap segmented utility knife blades, safer and faster, using only one hand.  It also has a blade storage compartment to hold spare blades.  The holster is designed to hold other brand name utility snap knives and blades. 

My invention has been featured on HSN, and received rave reviews at the National Hardware Show, and also from top names in the hardware industry, such as Stanley, Olfa, American Cutting Edge, and many more. 

Snap your knife blades fast!

The patented BladeEater® holster snaps blades faster and safer, using only one hand!

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Real Cork Top LED Lights

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 Light up your party with these real looking led string lights for bottles!