How to make Blue Jean Crafts and Buckets

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Create these awesome tool organizers or unique gift baskets, using old blue jeans and a glue's as easy as 1-2-3!










Here's how:

**Please note:  It's a good idea to use the low setting on your glue gun, and if you don't trust yourself, I recommend using a pair of heat resistant gloves that will give you added protection.

First, line the inside of your container using coordinating fabric or blue jean fabric.   Leave about an inch of fabric so it can be folded down and glued over the outside top of the bucket.







Cut off a long leg portion of a pair of blue jeans.







Then cut up along the seam, tilting the scissors so you get as close to the seam as possible.  (Save the pocket portion for later.)







Glue the seamed edge along the upper portion of your form,

Fold in raw edge and glue it to the other side overlapping it approximately 1-1/2 inches and glue it onto the other side.  Then cut off the extra fabric about one inch below the bottom of the container.  Then fold in the and glue it to the bottom of the container.

If you want to cover the bottom it, just cut a round piece of fabric and glue it over those seams.

Cut out pockets by angling the scissors sideways, cutting closely in underneath as close to the stitching as possible, so it will appear that the pocket is sewn on when it is later glue-gunned to the blue jean caddy.  Then cut out a "V" shaped notch about halfway down into the pocket area.

The width of the notch and how deep you cut down into the pocket will depend on how wide the pocket is, and how much you want the pocket to pucker out.

Next, carefully glue the pocket to the container little-by-little so you don't have to touch the hot glued surface.  Don't forget to bring the v-notched cut sections together.


It is not necessary to cut a "V" notch for attaching pockets to the inside of the bucket because it will automatically pucker out because of the radius of the curve inside. 


 You can also cut out the whole back portion of the pocket and just glue the pocket on if you are holding light-weight tools.


Here's a great way to use blue jean pants legs to make separate tool organizers for different sized tools.  You can keep the legs together, and glue them along the sides, thus creating two different sections, or you can cut a leg open and glue it to make one big section.


On this tool caddy, I glue gunned two sections of blue jeans together to fit around a box.  I just kept all the pockets as they were, so I didn't have to cut them and glue them or add any more.  

Then I embellished it with a wooden ladybug to accent the ladybug fabric inside.  It is a great way to store my craft tools.

I made this blue jean display for my invention, the Bladeater® and use it when I go to trade shows.  It was featured on the Cincinnati Enquirer and the Cincinnati Channel 12 news.

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