Bathroom Remodel

This is our master bedroom/bath.  I built a wall with the help of a contractor so he could lift up the drywall and cement boards while I attached them.  This is where the temporary railing was on the right side of the upper stairwell (see the before picture below).  This gave us a place to put our double sinks.


I installed the travertine tile by myself and installed the hardwood flooring while my husband held up the nail gun for me.  It was quite heavy!

Here's what our master bedroom and bath looked like before I remodeled it.  I had already started to build the back bathroom area.  I installed a temporary railing because there was just a drop-off by the stair steps.  

Check out my invention, the Bladeater®. It has a built-in blade snapper. Snaps and eats segmented utility knife blades using only one hand. Keeps new and used blades safely contained and off the floor. 


Snap your knife blades fast!

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Real Cork Top LED Lights

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 Light up your party with these real looking led string lights for bottles!