Toilet Tank Flower Pot

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When we replaced our toilet, I asked my husband to not throw away the tank portion of the toilet.  I thought I could make something out of it someday.  He thought I couldn't be serious.  I asked him to "Pretty please?" set it aside and not put it in the garage.  I did eventually get around to it even though I think it may have been about a year when I came up with this idea.

I used epoxy to attach a frog where the handle used to be and put another frog up in the flower pot...he's charming his friend to come up in and have some fun! 

I used epoxy to attach four flower pots up-side-down to create the legs and painted a watermelon on the front, using paints for glass.

I love my new flower pot, and nobody has recognized it as a toilet tank yet.

Hope you enjoyed my blog about toilet tank flower planters.  You may also be interested in checking out my patented invention.  It's a holster for snap knives, but the cool thing is the handy built-in blade snapper allows you to snap segmented utility knife blades using only one hand!

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Real Cork Top LED Lights

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 Light up your party with these real looking led string lights for bottles!