How to Make and Outdoor Window Mirror

Created on Saturday, 19 January 2013 05:52
Last Updated on Monday, 11 March 2019 23:38
Written by Mary Kay Hansen
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I already had this mirror window with the shelf in my laundry room but thought it would serve a much better purpose out on our new patio. 

I attached window shutters on either side to match the other faux windows I put on the large fence sections I built.  I hung it on the opposite end of our pool area so it reflects the pool area.   I found these shutters in my neighbor's garbage a few years ago and thought that I would eventually make something out of them...I was just about ready to get rid of them, but just in the nick of time...I was able to use them.   I had just enough shutters to make all the faux windows and had some spare wood to make the shelves.

Check out my invention below.  Its a holster with a patented built-in blade snapper.