How to make a baby Shower Center Piece

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Create a unique shower center piece using clay pots.  I made this one for my niece's baby shower.  You can make one to coordinate with any special occasion.  It's a great idea, and very simple to make.

Here's how: 

  • Use a couple of flower pots and turn them upside-down on top of each other and epoxy them together.
  • I painted this one pink using water-based acrylic paint.
  • You can decorate it using drywall mud in a cake decorating kit.
  • Dot it with some fabric paint in a contrasting color.
  • Make a sign and attach it to a long dowel rod, and stick it in the hole in the bottom of the pot.
  • Add some flowing ribbons and a stuffed animal on top.
  • For the table cloth, I used some wallpaper pages I torn out of an old wallpaper book, which I salvaged from a local wallpaper store...check it out, you may be able to get one too, just ask!  I really like this idea because regular table cloths hang out over the sides of the table, and when people pass by, they usually pull the table cloth and mess things up...this way, everything stays put.
  • I placed my faux cake on a lazy susan for fun and put some shredded paper around the bottom.

Hope you enjoy your shower...let me know how it turned out.

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